Bored of this.

I know I’m late to the party on this one but…


Check out the latest ad for Britain’s Got Talent.

Look familiar? That’s because it is.

Check out this video, from Belgium, released in April of 2012.

It’s just embarrassing.


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Author: James Whatley

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2 thoughts on “Bored of this.”

  1. This is getting a bit silly, last night I saw an advert for Robinsons Orange Squash, it was a total rip of a Disney advert from a year or two ago (the one where the dad is a kid for the day because he is in Disney Land). This is worse.

    I can imagine the poor agency getting briefed though:

    “What we want is this, exactly this, just in London and with talented people not explosions and stuff”

    “OK, we will try to put a fresh spin on it”

    “Why does it need a fresh spin, this worked, just do this, make it viral”

    And so on…

  2. I was in a pitching session at the end of last year and a colleague of mine launched into an enthusiastic pitch that was essentially a play-by-play of this same advert. Before he’d reached the end of it, I had managed to pull the video up on the big screen and load it – “You mean something like this?”

    Of course, he was then incredibly surprised that someone in Europe had come up with the exact same idea! :p

    Thing is – I’ve seen this happen *a lot* in the last few years, both in my office and on television. I know there is some small argument that nothing is ever truly original but that’s not what this is – it’s a complete rip-off. And the problem is, the majority of the audience will never know.

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