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So, this is interesting.

O2 Refresh

Last Monday night I was invited along to the launch of the new ‘Refresh’ tariff from O2. Not since Orange launched their animal range (remember them?) has anyone actually gone to any length to launch a [yawn] phone tariff before but, when you dig a little deeper on this one, you can kind of see why it’s such a big deal.

The killer pitch of O2 Refresh is that you can upgrade your phone whenever you like. So we’re clear on this, what that means is:


Got that? Good.

‘But how?!’ you all cry. Well, it’s achingly simple. So simple in fact that it’s stunning that no one else has ever done it before. O2 Refresh is a 24mth tariff that separates your airtime bill from your handset bill, meaning that you get absolute clarity on what money is being spent where. On a £37pcm contract? £20 of that goes on the phone, £17 on the airtime (that £17 by the way gets you unlimited minutes, text messages, and a gig of data).

To quote directly from their press release:

‘For those customers who want a new handset before the end of their contract term, O2 Refresh enables them to pay off the remainder of their Phone Plan and end their Airtime Plan with no termination fee. To make it even more affordable to get the latest smartphone, customers can trade in their old mobile for cash using O2 Recycle, getting up to £260 to put towards their new phone.’


Speaking of which, there was magic on show on the night too –

James & Oliver

Mr Oliver B (on the right, above – clearly), was a fantastic entertainer and, amongst other things, managed to swap my HTC One for a Sony Xperia Z (both of which are funnily enough, available on Refresh) right before my very eyes*.


Thanks very much to O2 for inviting me along to their event and congratulations to them too for actually attempting to innovate in one of the most staid and boring areas of the entire mobile industry.

O2, I salute you.


*Oliver B will be out and about in London town tomorrow doing more of the same, so keep an eye out on the @O2 Twitter account if you want to know where you can see him in action.


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3 thoughts on “Blogging about @O2 and #O2Refresh”

  1. I am sure someone must have mentioned this to you somewhere else already but basically all O2 have done is copy the way all the MNO’s in Finland work, it may even be a legal requirement for them to do it like that. Also, a question, are the phones SIM unlocked?

    By way of comparison I pay Sonera the equivalent of £34.57 a month for which £32.12 goes on the phone (Nokia 808 Pureview) and the rest on minutes, texts and 1GB of data with no connection speed cap.

    James Whatley Reply:

    Yeah, there’s a few other markets that do this (not just Finland) and you’re not the first to point it out; but either way it is a refreshing and welcome change to the stagnant UK contract market.

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