Trimming in Public – Part 6

Clearing out my RSS, 10 feeds at a time –



Let’s do this –

Creative Social Blog
It took me a good five minutes to work out how or why I was subscribed to this blog in the first place. I think it was back in Feb 2012 when I read about one of their events, ‘F*** that’s good‘. ‘This event looks ace!’ I thought, promptly buying two tickets for a friend and I. Mentioned as the very last item on this list, I really don’t think it’s good enough to stay.
Decision: Remove

Criterion Games
The blog of the developers behind one of the most epic run of racing games ever (read: the Burnout collection), Criterion Games don’t really update that much. Even less so since they were bought by EA and subsequently handed the keys to the Need for Speed franchise. However I really can’t bring myself to unsubscribe because a) they seem like an awesome bunch of guys and b) the Burnout Paradise 2 rumour mill has recently started churning and well, I’m staying tuned.
Decision: Keep

Dan’s Blog (2.0)
The blog of one Daniel K. Appelquist. Product Manager at BlueVia, founder of a whole ton of mobile-related good stuff, and generally one of the smartest mobile web-heads I know. My RSS has a fair sprinkling of big thinkers and Dan is one of them. This one is easy.
Decision: Keep

Darth Mojo
Man, this makes me sad. I looked up this link and thinking: ‘What’s this one?’ – arrived, saw that there’d been no updates since Nov ’11 and thought, ‘What the hell did I subscribe for?’. Then I clocked it: Mojo used to be the visual effects supervisor on Babylon 5, Star Trek: Voyager, and Battlestar Galactica – his blog is a GOLD MINE of awesome geeky stuff. But, as I said, alas he hasn’t posted since 2011 and well, that sucks.
Decision: Remove

Dear London Town
The blog of lovely american Kate Matlock. I like Kate so Kate’s blog can stay.
Decision: Keep

Design Idea
Interaction designer, ex-googler-now-at-Fjord-er, Rebecca Cottrell, has a unique way of looking at the world. You should see it some time.
Decision: Keep

design mind – business. technology. design.
I initially signed up to Frog’s blog purely to catch the occasional post from long-time industry hero of mine, Jan Chipchase. But now I just read it because it’s awesome. You should too.
Decision: Keep

(dot dot dot) Lies the Universal
The blog of the illustrator and writer Morgan Jeske. He’s not blogging here anymore, but hey! He’s on Twitter, so I guess that’s OK.
Decision: Remove

Eat Sleep Social – Mike Phillips
I like smart social people. Mike Phillips is a smart social plannery person. He gets to stay.
Hey Mike! Blog more, yeah?
Decision: Keep

Elise Pearce
I’m quite sad that Elise has stopped blogging (I haven’t seen her in AGES) but she’s an ACE photographer so go check her out on Flickr instead. I can’t remove it, just in case she makes a comeback. Maybe…
Decision: Keep


Part 7 coming soon (when I get ’round to it).

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