WALL-E with guns, innit –

I’m actually well up for this.

  1. Tom Cruise does good sci-fi*
  2. As much as ‘WALL-E, with guns’ is a joke on my part, it’s actually quite a good premise
  3. It’s directed by Joseph Kosinski, the last sci-fi flick he pulled together was the (criminally underrated) Tron: Legacy
  4. Sci-fi films that imagine future worldsproperly always get a vote of confidence from me (and for some reason, I get that vibe from this)

I mean come on, even the poster is pretty ace –

Well, it’s better looking than Star Trek anyway.

What do you think? Up for Oblivion?




*Not only sci-fi, but also a whole bunch of other genres too. Yes. That’s right. I am a [closet] Tom Cruise fan. I think he’s ace. I couldn’t give a monkey’s about his apparent oddball personal life, he makes great films and should be celebrated as one of the best actors of our time. Go on, I dare you to argue with me.

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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “OBLIVION”

  1. I’m up for original and new characters. Not another remake, or make the characters younger and reverse the storyline.

  2. I’ll buy a ticket to that as well as his turn as Jack Reacher. Like you said he makes good films.

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