NEW TRAILER: Star Trek Into Darkness

Watch this –

A few things…

  • Ah yes, but if you take Inception-boom and add sci-fi-with-a-bit-of-screaming? That’s PROMETHEUS.
  • Villainy voice-over with destruction of cites and innocents though, that’s new right? OK, so AVENGERS may have got there first too.

I dunno.

Look, I’m fairly sure STID will be fairly awesome; JJ Abrams is a more than competent director (whose last STAR TREK couldn’t have been any better*) but in a world where fans drool over mere FRAMES of their favourite franchise, I think the trailer could’ve been a lot stronger.

And while some of you might already be cowing about the complete lack of originality in Hollywood today full stop, ‘how can anything be classed as ‘original’ these days’? I have two answers for you.

  1. Fair enough, but these films I’m talking about are super recent (and you expect more from Abrams).
  2. Try. Harder.

All of the above aside, there’s still Benedict Cumberbatch – who, to be frank, will be amazing. In closing:

Bring it on…

but please make the next trailer a little more original, yeah? Please?! And show me something new, too. I mean, even the new poster (above) looks like it was borrowed from elsewhere.


*Aside from one teeny tiny issue with evolution, obviously.

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