Touching Switzerland


Love you, London x

This past Saturday, My Switzerland invited a few lucky bloggers to head into Londontown and ‘experience Switzerland’.

(if you were following on Twitter, that’s what all the #swisswinter buzz was about)

But how does one experience Switzerland in England’s capital? Simple.

1. You go make (and eat) a TON of chocolates

—- I want to eat you #swisswinter So maybe I did #swisswinter It's all getting a bit... medical #swisswinter

—- CHOCOLATE   #swisswinter Chocolate. Cocktails. #swisswinter SEXUAL #swisswinter

2. You go drink mojitos in A BAR MADE OF ICE

Ice, yeah? #swisswinterIce bar #nofilter

With some gorgeous food thrown in to boot –

3. And then you go ice-skating

Obviously, I was ice-skating so I only managed to get this image of my feet –

Swish #swisswinter

Oh yeah that – and the AMAZING PHOTO that heads this post too.

Seriously, ice skating at sunset outside the Natural History Museum really was quite magical (and I spent most of the time whizzing around on my own just beaming to myself at how awesome it was).

A gorgeous and lovely day was had by all. Not only did I get to ‘experience’ Switzerland, but I also got to meet some ace fellow bloggers along the way.

Big love to Jamie, Julie, Jai’me, Andrea and Krystelle; all of whom were just great company for a somewhat sugar-crazed (read: tired and hungover) Whatley…

And why did we do all of this lovely stuff?

Well, throughout the rest of November, Switzerland Tourism are planting five blocks of ice in and around London each representing a different Swiss ski region.

EDIT: The first one went live at Canary Wharf this morning.

Each block of ice has within it 75 ‘swag cards’ on which are printed unique codes that can be exchanged for prizes ranging from Swiss Army Knives all the way through to seven night holidays – many many prizes, there are indeed.

More information can be found on the ice drops over on the ‘Reach out + Touch It’ website, in the meantime – I’m off to look at booking a trip to Switzerland.

I really am. Apparently there’s a SNOW TRAIN these days.



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4 thoughts on “Touching Switzerland”

  1. Now that title just sounds creepy. I do love a bit of Switzerland though, especially when made of chocolate. Check out Kipferl in Islington for all-year alpine/Germanic goodness, btw. It’s an Austrian Cafe.

    The Austrian Tourism Board (not)

    James Reply:

    Anyone would think I did it [the title] on purpose 😛

    (and thanks for the Kipferl tip – love me a bit of Islington)

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