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Meet Scott Jordan –

Scott Jordan - aka @scottevest

I was first introduced to Scott way back when I was just about to embark upon my Lucozade Energy Challenges

No. Wait.

First you need to know what the hell a ‘Scottevest‘ is.

Well, the best way to describe it would be to call it ‘tech-enabled clothing’ for the tech-travelling geek. Imagine a really nice/well-made jacket for example, that can carry all of your tech.

You’re a blogger, geek, tech-head. You’re carrying an iPad, a phone (or three), a USB cable (or seven). You don’t want to carry a bag because you always carry a bag. Well, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could wear a jacket, or a fleece, or a pair of trousers that could carry all that for you - in comfort.

Well that’s Scottevest.

And it is awesome.


Let me get back to my story, back when I was about to embark upon my Lucozade trip of epicness, fellow video-blogging buddy Christian Payne – aka @Documentally – reached out to Scott and asked him to send me some stuff to use while I was away – ‘He’ll do something cool,’ he said. In return I told Christian I’d give Scott the rights to use any photography that I took while away…

And that’s exactly what I did.

Like a pro...

Sandboarding in Namibia, head to toe in Scottevest gear, natch.

Turns into: free photos of yours truly with any Scottevest purchase! 😉

Whatleydude, on a sandboard, wearing Scottevest

Throw in a bit of climbing, some mountain trekking and a spot of safari too, and you have yourself quite a nice selection of Scottevest-in-action poses!

Anyway, for the past three years Scott and I have been following each other on Twitter and last night was the first time we got a chance to meet… and what a genuinely nice guy he is! Filled with stories and laughter, he was a great host for a lovely evening of tech geekery and smart clothing (not a combination you hear every day).

Seriously, follow him on Twitter [and tell him I said hi] and perhaps, this Christmas, you might want to gift your favourite geek with some badass Scottevest gear for his/her tech.

Oh, and as a final FYI – for my fellow Brits – Scott was in town last night to tell both a) catch up with his UK friends and b) give us a sneak preview of new and upcoming products.

That blue shirt he’s wearing above is on my shopping list already and, when it launches, Scott’ll be putting everything on too – making it all much easier to purchase.



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