The Tailor of Gotham City

Ever wondered where Batman’s villains get their outfits?

Spotted this yesterday and it’s just awesome. A chap over on deviantart *drew this on his holiday* after asking himself that very same question.

It’s a fantastic premise and a brilliant execution.

I’ve snapped a few of the images, but you must must must read the whole thing.

Amazing work.



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Author: James Whatley

Chief Strategy Officer in adland. I got ❤️ for writing, gaming, and figuring stuff out. I'm @whatleydude pretty much everywhere that matters. Nice to meet you x

One thought on “The Tailor of Gotham City”

  1. James, James, James Whatley
    Superhero WhatleyDude
    We’re writing you this poem
    Because you’ve lifted our mood

    Gotham City’s tailor
    Makes suits that are groovy
    Which is why we think he
    Deserves a spin-off movie

    When tech and design marry
    The world should take heed
    For true craftsmanship is heroic
    A rarity indeed

    He designs the very clips
    That hold a utility belt
    And the cape which withstands bullets
    But is softer to touch than felt

    If you happen to come across
    This talented tinkerer tailor
    Ask him to forward us his CV
    To Bosch in a PDF mailer

    Because us folks at Bosch
    Are committed to innovation
    And we loved your latest blog post
    With Gotham-based inspiration

    You may think of us as the folks behind
    Kitchen based appliances
    But just like your hero Batman
    We’re into technical sciences

    That fuel creative thinking
    And keep the world safe from harm
    For example, our security systems
    Maintain London Underground’s calm

    And we’re sure the streets of Gotham
    Would be better with Bosch camera domes
    And our Worcester heating & hot Water solutions
    Could heat and hydrate homes
    Within Gotham’s districts
    With environmental ease
    Enough to warm the cockles
    Of the coldest Mister Freeze

    Our garden tools keep weeds at bay
    As Poison Ivy will attest
    Our power-tools are more efficient
    Than anything under Batman’s vest

    Harvey Dent may have two faces
    Which tighten the nerves of feds
    But OUR cordless screwdrivers
    Have multiple exchangeable heads

    We can’t compete with Joker’s quips
    Our rep isn’t for being funny
    We’ve built our heritage on honesty
    And quality goods for your money

    When does Batman go shopping?
    When does he go to bed?
    Whilst his logo lights up Gotham’s skies,
    (Alongside our logo of white and red)

    We’re not superheroes
    We’re just good at what we do
    And yes, Bosch does a LOT of things
    Most of which you never knew

    The Batmobile’s an agile beast
    Made with technology that’s hard to top
    But we’re the pioneers in automotive
    Enabling precision tech: Start-stop

    And whilst the tailor stitches costumes
    With special thread upon his bobbin
    We salute his dedication
    To the cool clothes of Batman (and Robin)

    We fill your comments section with noise
    In homage to your Dark Knight love
    And the Bat Cave’s glistening toys

    Apologies if we’ve gone on a bit
    You may think of us as insane
    But we’re hopefully been more articulate
    Than Tom Hardy’s muffled Bane

    So WhatleyDude, Riddle us this
    What five-letter hero defines our age?
    Don’t look to W-A-Y-N-E
    (It’s B-O-S-C-H!)

    We’re anticipating the next episode
    Of the excellent “The Voicemail”
    And hearing your energised tones
    You could voice-coach Christan Bale

    And whilst you’re recording your weekly podcast
    We promise we won’t make a sound
    But like the Dark Knight’s shadow
    Bosch is All Around (

    Hope you enjoyed that (come on over and say hello on Facebook or Twitter)! – Facebook – Twitter

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