Trimming in Public – Part 3

Cleaning out my RSS, ten feeds at a time. Parts one (including an explanation of the exercise) and two are in the bag, so let’s crack on with part three –

Alec Baldwin
This is the feed from Alec Baldwin’s semi-regular column over at The Huffington Post. I don’t read the Huff, but I do read Alec Baldwin. Intelligent, witty, worldly, entertaining and overall a brilliant thought leader, Baldwin is one of those irregular posters who I get excited about every time I see the ‘(1) unread’ light up next to his name. Read this.
Decision: Keep

Alfred App
Vero Pepperrell (and her husband Andrew) designed the theme for this blog back when they were getting their business off the ground. One of their ‘side’ projects (which has since grown and grown and grown) is Alfred App, a Mac OSX Quicklaunch Application. This is their blog. I’ve got Alfred installed, and I’m a subscriber to their newsletter too so I don’t really need to be subscribed to the blog anymore. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for the defacto search app for Mac, then look at Alfred. He’s awesome.
Decision: Remove

All About Symbian – News
This is the first of non-full feeds that I’ve come across. I’ve explained RSS before, however, if RSS readers are hooks that pull in fresh content from websites across the world, then the non-full RSS feed is the equivalent of bagging an old leathery boot. Yeah, it feels like you’ve got a bite, but when it lands on the boat there’s only a soggy title and the first 90 or so words of the content. Rubbish.

There’ll be a fair few items that get thrown out for not being ‘full feed’, but All About Symbian isn’t one of them (yet). The authors of this site know their onions and, given that the Symbian platform is on its way out, I can’t see this lasting much longer. However, while it *is* here, I want to read it.
Decision: Keep (for now)

The blog of ex-Nokian marketing guru, Dan Goodall, ALL THAT IS GOOD is a though-provoking read. If you’re in creative strategy, and/or marketing activation around digital/social media and you have an interest in community building and content co-creation, then Dan’s blog is well worth a read. Yes, I just spewed forth a whole ton of social media garbage, but Dan knows his stuff and was creating online brand equity while you were still in nappies. He doesn’t blog too often, but when he does – you read it, and you pay attention. Got it? Good. All good.
Decision: Keep 

Allix: this is my brain on…
No updates since December 2009. I love you, Allix, but you’re crap at blogging.
Decision: Remove

Alone in the Dark
Well-written film reviews. Short, sharp and an enjoyable read.
Decision: Keep

Al’s Blog
My friend Alex Barclay blogs in fits and starts; sometimes going for months on end without an update, he’ll suddenly go daily for a two week period and then close up again, like nothing had ever happened. Alex and I used to tread the boards together (well, we did two plays) and, as a budding actor in Londontown, his blog can be an amusing read. I love him dearly and, better yet, he knows how to write too.
Decision: Keep

An International Smoothie
There isn’t much I can say about Sam Ismail. He disappeared a while back and, if there’s any truth to what went down, he’s going to stay that way for a very long time. Take care Sam, wherever you are.
Decision: Remove

Andrew Currie on WordPress
Dead blog. Andrew has since moved on (I’ll talk about how awesome he is when I get to his other RSS feed later on in ‘O’ – I’m sure).
Decision: Remove
The blog of 1000heads creative director (and one of my closest friends), Robbie Dale. Described as ‘a record of the beautiful, inspiring and constantly surprising world we live in’ – Robbie’s content is often as interesting as it is surprising. Not a bad insight into what makes creative people tick; take a look.
Decision: Keep


Part four, coming soon.

Whatley out.


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