Introducing: LooTube

A few days ago, I wrote this post suggesting a feature for mobile-based video services, the overall idea being that the app might display different length content based upon the user’s location.

I cheekily surmised that perhaps content should be served depending the answer to the following question: 

“Hi, where are you? In bed, on the train or on the toilet?”

Terence Eden, one third of the brains behind awesome mobile web Twitter service, Dabr, commented on the post with, amongst other things –

“Hmmm… You’ve given me an idea for a weekend hack…”

Well, it’s the weekend, and Terence has finished hacking – has arrived!

While not the most tasteful of mobile web apps available today, LooTube is awesome as it answers the challenge I posed last week: why can’t mobile video be served in order of length (based upon your location)?

Amazing, nicely done Terence.

Give it a go yourself, next time you’re headed to the can – hit up on your mobile and see what you fancy watching.

Terence has posted too – ‘Context Specific Content Surfacing‘ 


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