Caine’s Arcade

Caine Monray is a fantastic kid.

Bit by bit, he built himself an awesome cardboard arcade on the front porch of his Dad’s motor repair shop. Some guys on the internet found out and they made this film.

Please, take 11mins out of your day and enjoy.

It’s OK, I cried too.

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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade”

  1. That kid is so full of joy. You remember when you used to make stuff just because you loved doing it?

    James Reply:

    Yeah, I once spent a whole day making a full robot outfit out of huge cardboard boxes.

    It was awesome, obvs.

    Sian Reply:

    Haha! My brother and I once went to a fancy dress party in costumes made from cardboard boxes. My dad helped him make a robot! My mum helped turn my boxes into a hedgehog costume 🙂

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