1000heads: 3CT #6

This week’s three cool things are a mixture of –

  • This is cool in a life-saving way
  • This is cool in a really quite strange (but frankly, hilarious) way and finally
  • This is cool but actually probably really isn’t

Shall we dive in?

First up, this video from Heineken that Rob posted on the 1000heads Socialcast just over a week ago –

The comments were as follows

“Why QR codes?”
“How is this on brand?”
“Couldn’t any brand do this?”

It sparked a whole other post about engagement currency too.

What do you think?
Cool, or not?
Technology for technology’s sake perhaps?

Next, this one from Miss Jaqui Hill, is BELIEVE IT OR NOT, nail varnish – for men.

We’re filing this under WHAT NOW?


And if that’s not enough, here’s a handy ‘how to’ video, for those of you who are still slightly unsure about this entire concept –

Finally, and this is by far and away our favourite entry from last week, the British Heart Foundation have recruited Vinnie Jones for this tongue in cheek but potentially life saving PSA video –

To the beat of Stayin’ Alive? Perfect. Hat tip to Ryan for finding that one…

Good job British Heart Foundation, we salute you.

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Author: James Whatley

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