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And, even though Mr Ridley Scott would have you believe otherwise, the connections to the Alien franchise are strong with this one.

Exhibit A:

This ship, the ship the crew of the Nostromo board at the beginning of Alien in response to the distress / warning call.

Which, surprisingly enough, looks remarkably like this one, exploding and falling out of the sky in the trailer for Prometheus.


Similar right? Shape, structure etc… it’s all there.

OK, so some spaceships look like other spaceships. True. However, any fan of the original Alien film will recognise the following image, aka – Exhibit B:

This chap is actually nameless in the film, however he has somehow earned the name of ‘The Space Jockey‘. Look what he’s sitting on and just look what this is, coming out of the ground in the Prometheus trailer.


This film is set on the ship that the crew of the Nostromo discover. That much is plain to see. Ridley Scott has said that there will be no Aliens, however there will be space jockeys. In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gifted it to man. The film’s official synopsis talks about man’s search for its very beginnings.

One wonders if these ‘space jockeys’ are pitched as our creators [as well as those of the Xenopmorph] and this is what happens when we meet ‘God’ face to face.

Who knows, we only have to wait until summer 2012 to find out and it’s about time Ridley Scott came back to the sci-fi genre.

Bring it.


EDIT: Spoiler-free review available to read now.

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  1. Something in what Ridley Scott said got me thinking about a short story I read, years ago: a star ship crewed by several different humanoid races is following the route of an ancient space faring race; it turns out that each planet they stopped at an off-shoot of the human race appeared and evolved to adapt to that planet’s ecology. Believing this race of giants (the ruined structures that they can find indicate that they were at least a couple of hundred feet tall) were benevolent seeders, they’re trying to find out if they still exist all these millions of years later.

    During the mission, the chief engineer reports problems with a rat infestation, these rats are chewing through wiring in vital systems; he has no luck with traditional traps and poisons, so he resorts to creating replica rats with opposable thumbs and stages a fight in which one picks up a sliver of metal and slaughters the other. The hope is that the wild rats will give these “super rats” a wide berth in the territory they stake out around the vital systems; it seems to work, but a scientist notes that one of the wild rats is overly curious about the sliver of metal used and tries, unsuccessfully, to pick it up.

    At the end of the story, they discover an intact tower left behind by the ancient race and discover written records left behind by them; after several weeks research they crack the language and are able to start making sense of what they’ve found. In amongst the files they come across the logs of the captain of the ancient “seeding” ship in which he complains of an infestation of these tiny pests on the ship, they just happen to have two arms, two legs and walk upright; he’s unable to rid his ship of them, but he notes that there always seem to be fewer of them around after they leave each planet…

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