1000heads: Co-creation. Mobile Web. Social Media.

Three different subjects, all intrinsically linked in a multitude of ways. However, today I wanted to share with you three slideshare presentations covering off each of these subjects in various forms.

If you’re a grade one newbie or a seasoned master in any of the above areas, these slides will be of use to you.

First up, co-creation.

This presentation, from the smart chaps at the Board of Innovation, came my way via Google Plus just over a week ago and it’s taken me that long to truly process all of the data available. It not only introduces the concept of co-creation, but also talks through the guiding principles and then goes onto benchmark TWENTY different examples.

Really, really interesting reading for anyone with even a passing interesting in Co-Creation.

How to kickstart your co-creation platform – 20 examples

Next up: the Mobile Web. Or, in this case, Selling the Mobile Web.

Hat tip to @CarlMartin for bringing these slides to my attention; this presentation speaks to me for a whole number of reasons. First and foremost, I have mobile in my soul and so therefore anything and everything that helps move the handheld revolution forward is alright in my book.

Second, this presentation is about the mobile WEB. Often forgotten in the today’s world of quick-win ‘let’s make an app’ marketing, the mobile web has been playing second fiddle to mobile applications for some time. If I’m honest, the two should easily be able to co-exist comfortably together. However, that is not always the case

This presentation has great ideas, theories and strategies for attacking your own mobile website. Definitely worth a look.

Selling The Mobile Web

Finally, and here’s the biggie, Social Media around the world, 2011.

The big take out from this monster, all 167 slides of it?


A truly astounding number. Admittedly, the research was conducted with ‘just’ 9000+ people so it obviously isn’t a complete look at the social networked world we live, however if you’re hungry for the latest stats and figures, this isn’t a bad place to start.

What are you waiting for?

Social media around the world 2011

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