1000heads: Dear Blink-182. You Win.

Each morning I spend around 15mins of my day looking through my Google Reader for some decent content that I can share across the fairly interesting 1000heads Twitter feed.

Sometimes though, I come across such a fantastic idea, such a perfect execution that it warrants a whole blog post on its own.

Today is one of those days.

We’ve spoken before about what it means to reward engagement, surprise your fans and ultimately, let your community know you love them back but today’s effort, from American pop punk band (wikipedia’s definition, not mine), Blink-182, really takes the biscuit.

This video, explains it all –

Five reasons why this is awesome:

  1. Blink 182, unlike many, many other bands/artists, have decided to EMBRACE the ‘mis-use’ of their music and, instead of hitting ‘go’ on their lawyers, have recognised that if someone has used their music it probably means that they are a fan.
  2. The sheer dedication and commitment to using not just the famous ones. Being a fan is not defined by how many views you’ve had or how many likes your video has garnered. It’s about being passionate and actually giving a damn. You like Blink 182’s music? They give a damn about you.
  3. In the same way that the YouTubers featured in this video have ‘stolen’ Blink 182’s music, Blink have done exactly the same back by ‘stealing’ footage from their videos. The difference being the users in question won’t be hammering on the door with their lawyers.
  4. The title: “The Blink-182 Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered” – perfect.
  5. This is Blink 182’s first single release in eight years and they have a huge global fan-base. No matter what they did for their new single, they would’ve got huge coverage – the fact that they chose this particular idea for their return launch speaks volumes about how much they care about their community. To put it bluntly; that is epic.

So OK the video is part of a (somewhat strange) over-arching sponsorship deal with American mobile phone operator AT&T but still, it is a great idea.

And for that Blink-182, we applaud you. You win.



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  1. Saw that the other day. Brilliant stuff. Plus – I’m a huuuge huge blink-182 fan so reading that news was a double win.

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