1000heads: 3CT #2

It’s time for episode two of ‘Three Cool Things’, for a bit of background on what this post is all about, please jump back and check out episode one. In the meantime, let’s crack on.

Last Friday’s #3CT kicked off with Michael Quinn talking about the Volkswagen Bluemotion Roulette activity in Norway earlier this year.

First, the video –

Yes, it’s a cool piece of work. Yes, it’s a cool use of Google Maps. But the most interesting part of the whole case study? Check the voice-over at 33secs –

“A TV commercial informed Norway that a Golf BlueMotion would drive northbound from Oslo in two weeks. People were invited to place their bet on where the car would run out of fuel.”

The interest wasn’t built via their Facebook page, nor was it garnered through Twitter. This integrated campaign used ‘traditional’ media to drive eyeballs to the activity. TV to Social. Not the first, but certainly part of a new trend.

Next up, Katie Bunting showed us this video. Simply entitled ‘Eat‘.

Now, this video [and it’s two counterparts, Move and Learn], did the rounds a good month or so ago and this fact alone meant that it nearly didn’t make the ‘cool’ cut. However, Katie brought along a new insight. Over half of the ‘heads in the room had seen the video(s) but virtually none of them new why it was done or for who.

If you don’t know, click through and scroll down, it surprised us – a lot.

For us, this served as a healthy reminder that when your video goes viral [the three videos combined views are over 9million], most of those views will come from other blogs embedding your content and sharing with their own communities.

Which means, if you haven’t remembered to brand your video anyway, it’ll be much harder for viewers to make any kind of connection.

Finally, our third item consisted of the first half of a work in progress case study [one that we can’t share yet – not until we get the results at least], so in the meantime take a look at this work from Sao Paulo to help launch a brand new ‘turbo’ fan –

We love our outdoor work here at 1000heads and this idea is simple, understandable and completely universal.

Very ‘cool’ indeed.



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Author: James Whatley

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2 thoughts on “1000heads: 3CT #2”

  1. Howdy, guys.

    Check the T&Cs for Vimeo – you’re actually not *allowed* to brand vids/use them for commercial purposes.

    It was written into our execution plan all along to sanction director Rick putting it out “unbranded” in that creative community to seed, unbranded as per their regs; we were extremely confident (although we could not have predicted the full scale – it’s the second-most-viewed clip *of all time* on Vimeo) after seeing what he had brought back in response to our brief that it would become a viral sensation.

    Happy to say we were bang-on.

    Hope that clears things up.

    Reuben Acciano
    Marketing Communications Coordinator
    STA Travel Australia

    James Whatley Reply:

    Hey Reuben,

    Thank you very much for stopping by and clearing that up. They are a *great* set of videos and it’s useful to understand some of the reasoning behind the decisions you made.

    Really appreciate you taking the time,


    James Whatley
    Marketing Director

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