1000heads: Haye vs Klitschko: The Case Study

The Challenge:
How do we use WOMTrak to help market both 1000heads and its insights and analysis suite?

The Insight:
1000heads excels at reactive work. Contemporaneous content will always get bigger pick up, so throughout June we planned to keep our eyes peeled for an event where we could do just that.

What We Did:
Working with a small but multi-talented team (and taking inspiration from an earlier 1000heads blog post) we would use the heavyweight championship boxing match between David Haye & Wladimir Klitschko as a test subject for our word of mouth analysis team. Tracking data before, during and after the fight would give us three groups of data, or ’rounds’, that we could give to our creative team and external design partners to build an infographic around.

1000heads is unique in this space in that we don’t just specialise in social media. We wanted the end result to not only demonstrate the power of our WOMTrak product, but also our speed & agility in turning projects around. We hadn’t attempted anything like this before and so the drive was there to not only get it right first time but to also somehow keep it uniquely 1000heads’.

The Result:

Things We Learnt

  1. Working the weekend is hard (but fun if the project means a lot)
  2. David Haye has a massive online following (and can mess with your data if you’re not careful)
  3. Twitter isn’t always right
  4. The Next Web is our friend
  5. Getting cut-through in the US on July 4th is nigh on impossible
  6. It’s amazing what Ukrainian fans will do for their prized champion
  7. Everything starts in a Moleskine (even the worst of design ideas)
  8. Not everyone likes an infographic
  9. Everything can be made better, there has to be a time when you say ‘No more. Publish.’
  10. Irrespective of the result, a good infographic will always get picked up

Overall the results (for what was fundamentally merely a test subject) were outstanding.

A 400% increase in blog traffic, a number of new business enquiries and of course, the proof that we have the team to produce this kind of work for all our clients, both old and new.

It should be said that, internally at least, we made our objectives clear from the outset: how can we use the latest news events to demonstrate our products, our creativity and ultimately our hard work and agility. I think I can quite safely say that when it came to answering the brief, our team stepped up and delivered.

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Author: James Whatley

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