WATCH THIS: All Of The Lights

I’m a good few weeks behind on this one, but I’ve finally got ’round to watching Kanye West’s video for All Of The Lights. Monster was mind-blowing and AOTL does not disappoint (any media that comes with its own health warning is always of immediate interest).

Say what you like about Kanye West, the man is an artist. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the album from which AOTL is taken, is a masterpiece and well worth 90mins of your ear time [Spotify link].

For now, turn it up to HD, hit ‘full screen’ (the bigger the better) and just enjoy.

Hat tip to Abul for showing me the light.

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Author: James Whatley

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3 thoughts on “WATCH THIS: All Of The Lights”

  1. Incredible video, not too sure on the track (I’m always on or off with Kanye) but the video is ace.

    Very, very inspired by Into The Void (IMO). Which is no bad thing, obvs.

  2. Kanye West sounds a bit crazier but he’s definitely a real artist! That album is edgier, deeper and should (more than) please fans.

    Best songs so far: “So Appaled”, “All of the Lights”.

    Now, waiting for the “Watch the Throne” album…

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