Relationships. Matter.

If you’ve clicked through in the vein hope of finding my next post on why ‘relationship marketing matters to brands’ then sorry, not today. Today is about something else.

Relationships matter.

Your relationships matter. Your family. Your friends. Your loved ones. Your other half. Your soul-mate. The relationships you have with the people that matter, matter.

I would’ve quit my job last year if it would’ve meant saving my relationship. Alas, for me, it was too late. I heard a story today of someone else going through a break up because of work and just last night someone else told let me that, after a particularly bad period, they introduced a work veto; if at any point work gets too much, and has a negative impact on their lives together, then it stops. The work, the fighting. Everything.

Life is too short, too damn complicated and far too sweet to spend it working every God-given day and night on something that – if it really doesn’t make a difference to life or death – really isn’t worth it.

To top it all off, thanks to the endless source of knowledge and amusement that is Stefan Constantinescu, I’ve just seen this

If this is you, then stop. Right now.

It isn’t worth it.

Relationships matter.

Not the one between you and your client. Nor the one between you and your customers. But the one between you, the love of your life and your kids.

Life is short, make the most of it.


Yes, I’m talking to you.


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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “Relationships. Matter.”

  1. I’ve seen this so many times, especially now that I’m back in the corporate world. To be honest, though, it’s not just the cube monkeys that need to worry about this. For the first few years of my career, I was strictly 9-5. I refused to work past 5p, and I didn’t bring work home. Whatever I couldn’t get done that day, had to wait till the next.

    It was when I started working at home that I began putting in 12-15+hr days. Being newly married, this obviously didn’t sit well, but I didn’t even realize I was doing it, that’s the scary part. I still work more than the requisite 8 hours, but I’m also still very careful not to bring work home. My phone automatically goes on silent when I get home, and I try my best to not look at it constantly.

    I also give my coworkers my Google Voice number – on purpose. I can easily set this to ‘Do Not Disturb’ so that I am not distracted, but can keep my personal phone on me for personal stuff.

  2. Great piece there chap.

    Gotta agree with everything there. People always ask why I don’t work…why should I? I’m in my 20’s I want to enjoy these years.

    I did my 3 years in 9-5, whilst fun on the whole it was a delusional lifestyle.

    Everything is relative.

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