1000heads: Alert: The ASA CAP code

This afternoon, at the IAB’s ‘How to be safe and social‘ event, Malcolm Phillips from the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) pointed out that if a brand retweets a message from a user, then that content will fall under the soon-to-be-enforced CAP code.

This tweet, from the awesome Tia Fisher, has been shared multiple times already and nails the reaction of the brands and agencies in the room perfectly –

And, as the industry steps back and wonders what shades of grey they stand in, when March 1st comes around, it’s going to make for some very interesting times indeed.

If you’re tuning in right now, you can follow the conversation by searching twitter for ‘#iabuk’ – failing that, with our employees holding memberships on the both the DMA and IAB social media councils, as well as the President for WOMMA UK under our roof, stay tuned how these interpretations play out over the coming months; both from a social media angle and also from a larger, more holistic, word of mouth perspective.

Finally, if you’re wondering what the hell we’re on about, this advert (from the ASA themselves) should give you a fair idea —
In Digital? Know about this yet?

For even more information, check out this post from our very own Molly Flatt from September last year

“How will the ASA’s extended remit affect word of mouth?”

Your comments, as ever, are welcome.

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Author: James Whatley

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9 thoughts on “1000heads: Alert: The ASA CAP code”

  1. Will this apply to any content posted, retweeted or commented from before march 1st ? is it only applicable to content that is posted from march1st and if so what timezone ?

    James Whatley Reply:

    I can't answer the former, but the latter seems to only apply to 'content originating from the UK' (the limits of the remit itself).

    Tia Fisher Reply:

    Hi. I did ask that question of the very helpful Malcolm Phillips from CAP. (Well, actually, I didn't ask the bit about timezone. As James says, the remit applies only to 'content originating from the UK'. Obviously the UGC to be held up against the code could originate from all over the world, so the only sensible definition of this for our purposes would be *brands* publishing in the UK.) But as for when content is published? CAP are taking a commensense approach. Content posted on or after March 1st falls under the new remit. Content easily accessible after March 1st but posted prior does too. Content lying under the bed gathering fluff and only accessible via search or an awful lot of clicking shouldn't be your first priority. I posted on this at the time of the first announcement, when I had a lot of questions http://blog.emoderation.com/20…. Now most have been answered & I'll try to make a summary in the next few days.

    James Whatley Reply:

    Thanks for the clarification Tia, looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. Yeah , this is going to be one of those 'Policies' where the creators dont actually understand the technology implications they are considering. This seems to be happening a lot lately.

    I am reminded of the early days of steam travel where all sorts of Bills were passed to ensure passenger safety. Those bills were passed in ignorance of the technology and in todays more 'modern' view would appear utterly ridiculous.

    Or maybe we should go back to having someone wave a flag in front of our car as we drive ?

  3. What I've just noticed is that I quite like the underscore at the start of each sentence on the ASA poster…

    Y'know, so you *know* it's about the ONLINE world.

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