1000heads: About those resolutions

We’re approx. five days into the New Year and already we’re seeing updates to those cursed and dreaded NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

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Historically (and personally) I’ve never been a massive fan of the resolution, having spent most of my adult life working under the impression that if you want to make a change to your life then you should just be able to do it on any day and not wait for some arbitrary, Calabrian doctor-chosen numbered day… but that’s just me.

This year, I decided to change that and, in doing so, thought I’d also take a quick straw poll from the fellow ‘heads in the room —

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While there’s obviously an expected lean towards generally being more healthy and sporty (the much-missed 1000heads Tuesday night football game may make a return in the near future), there’s also a larger, more over-arching theme of learning and bettering oneself. It seems we have a fair few dancers in our midst, as well as a closet group of potential novelists.

That’s us sorted, what about you? We know how many of you read this blog every day, why not make today the day you leave a comment?

Tell us one New Year’s Resolution you’ve made (that you have every intention of keeping, obviously) and we’ll pull together a community-based chart like the above towards the end of the week.


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Author: James Whatley

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20 thoughts on “1000heads: About those resolutions”

  1. Having a healthy and structured daily routine

    James Whatley Reply:

    Routine eh? That's a new one. Not a bad one either. I was reading this piece earlier today – http://zenhabits.net/creative-…/ – and there's a section in there about how forming routine helps feed creativity…

    Food for thought, certainly. Good luck.

    Scott Gould Reply:

    Thanks James for the link – and great conversation here BTW, love it

  2. I fully intend to learn to play the Banjo 🙂

    James Whatley Reply:

    We'll be expecting a show reel come Christmas. You know that, don't you? 😉

    Stuart Witts Reply:

    I'd better get started then, any requests? Banjo theme from Deliverance perhaps?

  3. I’m all about the trifle. Eating it and doing it.

    Oh, and ‘being present’. Whatever that means.Headphones back on.

  4. 'Focus' is a nice vague one, but it's essentially mine too. Also 'do more new stuff' but that's an ongoing type one. Completely agree with having ongoing changes rather than one magic day on which we're all mostly too hungover to struggle to keep new fancy rules.

    James Whatley Reply:

    Loved the blog post – nice one Claire 🙂

  5. One resolution I have is to get more involved. With things.

    More involved with my friends. I want to keep in better contact with them, be more involved in their lives.

    More involved with things that happen. I want to go to more events, go and listen to more talks. Actually go to things and be part of them, not just read about it the next day.

    More involved in “the conversation”. I read countless articles and blogs. I share the ones I like, and the ones I don't. I even write my own. But I rarely get involved beyond that, I read thousands of pieces of content, but rarely comment on them. I want to have conversations with people about what they think. If I agree with it, tell them why, if I don't, explain my point of view. The simplest step is to just start commenting.

    So here I am commenting. My first comment of the year. Hopefully the first of many.

    James Whatley Reply:

    Well first and foremost Mike, thanks for commenting! 🙂 Participation is key and it looks like you're setting your stall out for a big year of getting involved. Good skills sir.

    One thing I started doing midway through last year was, every time I got paid, I tried to buy a couple of tickets to a gig/show/talk a few months down the line so that, a over time, I'd build up this stock of events that I could look forward to each month.

    Sometimes I could make the events and sometimes, thanks to work/personal commitments, I couldn't. It was those times that were the best because I just gave those tickets away to my friends….

    I think I'll continue that strategy for this year, feel free to steal it… 😉

    And yes, hopefully we'll be seeing more of you 'round here!

    Claire Tayler Reply:

    That's a lovely idea. I am stealing it outright.

  6. Feel free to add it 🙂 I don't disagree with focus as a resolution in the slightest. I've like to curb my ability to be distracted whilst online (by which I don't just mean 'use less twitter' I mean be more focused in what I spend my time looking at, I suppose) and use that time to hang out with the world and her brother.

  7. Trifle.. That's both you and Dons now. I think I may have to bump up the pie a little bit…

    Also – I threw your 'being present' into 'focus' as it chimed nicely with someone else's (I forget now and SocialCast is in another tab) but focussing in 'the now' with the people around in said 'now' is kind of similar… right?

    PS. Good resolutions.

  8. Having even more fun! That's a resolution I must keep. Live is too short afterall.

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