1000heads: Are you an N8 Producer?

Back in December last year, we kicked off a huge global word of mouth campaign for Nokia entitled ‘N8 Producers‘.

We’re about one week away from the final closing date and the standard of entries we’ve had in is absolutely astonishing. Covering off extreme sports, special effects and just plain awesome story telling (sometimes a combination of all three) we can quite honestly say that there cannot be a more fantastic collection of campaign-based user generated content anywhere else in the world.

Here are some hard numbers (as of ten days ago)

  • 9million opportunities to view content
  • 10,000 likes & comments in social
  • 250,000 views across both YouTube and Vimeo
    (without any bought media support)
  • 3,700 episodes of conversation
  • With one awesome entry even being shown on ESPN!
    (average audience of 275,000)

Every single entry is brilliant in its own way but, to whet your appetite, here’s a selection of what we’ve had in so far… and remember: each and every producer shot their film with their very own Nokia N8.


Turn them up to HD.

There’s so many more on the official Nokia.com N8 Producers page itself, go check’em out and let us know what you think!

New Year, New Challenges

2011 is going to be a big year for 1000heads; we’re formally opening several offices across the globe (many of which are already hiring, by the way) and the entire team seems to have come back from the Christmas break with a renewed sense of ambition and direction. It’s electric.

For myself, having spent 2010 defining (and refining) the engagement strategy for the company both internally and externally, it’s time to move onto pastures new*.

When I hit my year anniversary back in October, a conversation began about where we (1000heads and I) could go next. What did we decide? Well…

I’m about three weeks into my new role** and, as the challenges ahead grow ever larger and more exciting, I’m this close to being in the perfect position to knock every single one of them out of the park.

Bring. It. On.


James Whatley
Marketing Director

*staying on at the same farm, obviously
**leaked in the press at the weekend

Monkey Business

The Brothers Whatley

My little brother has been in town all week and last night, finally, we managed to make some time to sit down and chat rubbish for a few minutes.

The camera gives up right at the end (my fault for not deleting all my #vlomo content off the memory from last year), but I think it ends everything with quite a nice little cliffhanger that perhaps we can pick up on next time…

I will never get tired of making these. Ever.

1000heads: SMWLDN: Social Media Surgery

Social Media Week is coming!

If you’ve not heard about it yet, it’s pretty big (with events being held all over the world) and it’s only going to get bigger.

Globally, we’re going to be keeping ourselves busy supporting different activities on behalf of the headline sponsor (who also happens to be one of our clients) while locally, here in London, we’ll be doing our bit in the office with our very own:

“What the hell is that then?” – I hear you cry…
Allow me to explain:

To kick Social Media Week off with a bang, we’ve decided to setup the official #smwlondon / 1000heads Social Media Surgery.

With resident ‘Doctors’ Molly Flatt (WOM Evangelist), James Whatley (Marketing Director) and Tim Denyer (Group Development Director) each giving up their day to help all and sundry with their social media ailments, why not make an appointment now?

Tim’s your man if you want to talk integration, performance and measurement

Molls specialises in ethics, training and social business

And James (that’s me) will bring you the low-down on engagement, tools and presences

One-on-one private sessions are available (as are larger group sessions for up to eight people) throughout the day, and coffee and biscuits (quite nice ones) will be provided. While we can’t guarantee all problems will be solved immediately, we can promise to bring a little TLC to those in need.

If you’re interested in coming, head on over to our specially set up Social Media Week Amiando page and book yourself an appointment!

The Doctor will see you now… 😉

The Sartorialist. A Visual Life.

Every Friday here at 1000heads HQ, we host an internal event called ‘3 Cool Things’. At around 5pm ish a certain ‘head gathers up the rest the hard-working bunch and gathers them all into the breakout area to share the three coolest things they’ve seen that week.

Take this example for instance (demonstrating some of the 3D awesomeness we worked on late last year)

Awesome. @1000heads... in 3D!!

It’s a veritable goldmine of content/fun/awesome shenanigans. Some bits are bloggable, some definitely aren’t. This past Friday one particular ‘head presented this video, from The Sartorialist, entitled ‘A Visual Life’.

Coming in at seven minutes long, it’s no short snappy piece for the attention-deficit generation. However, it is quite an interesting look at one of the world’s most well-respected fashion bloggers, providing both an insight into what it is that inspires him and also how he goes about looking for that inspiration.

It really is a great short film (and well worth a watch).

But what I found most thought-provoking overall was that the whole presentation as it were, was brought to you/us by Intel. ‘Visibly Smart’ their product line says, and ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’.

Why Intel? Why The Sartorialist? Like I said, I love the video, I just don’t quite get the connection…

Do you?

1000heads: the book

As the blurb says –

1000heads is an imaginative collection of illustrations in which the human head experiments the strangest transformations, actions and variations.
Let this video guide you in this imaginative, fascinating and mesmerizing trip through the world of symbols, associations and memories.”

No no, we’ve not decided to change our business model (word of mouth is still our favourite thing) but rather an interesting find when our Google Alerts went off this morning.

It’s all about the jazz…

While this book of madness is three and a bit minutes of your life you’ll never get back, it has got us thinking; if 1000heads did have their own book, what would it consist of?

  • Case studies?
  • Advice?
  • Photos of our pets?

Perhaps the medium of print is too old and staid and we should instead get our very own iPad publication…

Answers/opinions/comments on a postcard please!