So long 2010

LIke Minds Summit, Feb 2010

– Image via Scott Gould

For the first time, in a long time, I find myself standing at the precipice of a New Year, staring out at a blank canvas.

It’s exhilarating.

It scares the living hell out of me, it makes my blood pump hard and my brain can’t work and adrenaline floods my insides whenever I even begin to pause and think about it… and it aches, oh my God it aches. But.. it… is…  exhilarating. I feel alive. The possibilities now are endless.

This –

I am a snow globe.
Shake me.
Let the blizzard roar.
This is what I was made for.

The peace. The intensity. The calm in the storm. The beauty of the fall. The peace.

Come on 2011, take your best shot….



I’m ready for you.




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Author: James Whatley

Chief Strategy Officer in adland. I got ❤️ for writing, gaming, and figuring stuff out. I'm @whatleydude pretty much everywhere that matters. Nice to meet you x

12 thoughts on “So long 2010”

  1. LET’S DO THIIIIIISS *spins round with excitement, hits head, passes out, wakes up in 1955*

  2. Great outlook James. You deserve a kick ass 2011 (and beyond) and you can only make it so by being positive. Here’s to a great future ahead my friend!

  3. Seems we’re in a similar boat! Lovely to meet you at the SMW meet – hope to catch up soon. And as Simon says – or my version – JFDI. Jem

    whatleydude Reply:

    Ditto Jemima, looking forward to working with you on SMW definitely – and hopefully on other things too in the future. Next time we meet, let’s compare boat notes.

    JFDI indeed.


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