I want a Nokia N8

Wait, what?Moleskine entry: April 30th, 2010

But I guess you kind of saw that coming.

I work for 1000heads, who in turn work for Nokia, the question is obviously primed: am I being paid to say this? No. Certainly not. The recently announced messaging devices for instance, although they’ve arrived at an astonishing price point.. tey certainly didn’t float my boat terms of specs, looks or features. The N8 however does.. and I’l tell you why.

Whenever I get asked “What phone should I get?” my response – believe it or not – does not start with “Oh, the Nokia…” Instead my reply is usually something like “It depends”.  Then I ask questions.

More often than not based around content creation vs consumption, plus some device history and of course the necessary operator-based queries and, I would like to think, of those that have taken my advice in the past, a fair few have ended up happy with their final choice.

If the roles were reversed and I found myself answering my own questions, there is no doubt that I would recommend the N8.

Why? Let’s see.


“Question 1: What do you have right now?”

Right now James, I switch between the N900 + the Nexus One.

“Question 2: What do you use your phone for?”


“Ahem, can you define ‘everything’?”

OK. Photos, videos, emails, web browsing, calendar, address book… Basically, if the feature exists on the handset, I use it. If it doesn’t exist, I download an app that does. But yes, I guess I said photos and videos first as I do indeed love creating.

“Question 3: What did you use to have? I mean, what is your handset history?”

Before the N900? The N86.

“How was that?”

Well, non-touchscreen, amazing camera, genuinely the last great phone of its kind.

“Question 4: iPhone?”


“Question 5: Android?”

Great for consumption. Great as a Twitter device, email etc.. Single sign on makes it a breeze to use but, the camera functionality lets it down MASSIVELY.


So far, so not very surprising. Turns out I want the Nokia N8 for a whole bunch of reasons – so why is it really?

Because I love creating content on my phone. Why my phone in particular? I don’t know. It could be the wealth of meta data available, it could be the sense of geeky wonder I get whenever I upload anything in its final form… sometimes it’s just the damn good quality of the thing.

The N8 is new, shiny and – barring some shoddy, ne’er do well, prototype-based scrutiny a few weeks back – is actually quite exciting. The output from the handset is nothing short of outstanding and, having dragged my N86 around the world with me last year, upgrading to the next model is the next logical step.

I’ve not had any actual hands on time with it yet. So all of this might change. There’s one thing that simply cannot argue; Nokia make some great imaging devices.

The N8, by the looks of things, will be their next, great imaging device. So I’m getting one.

Are you?

I want an N8

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Author: James Whatley

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6 thoughts on “I want a Nokia N8”

  1. Yes all good points, but then I remember the video of you and Ben with the 3GS v N97, you recommended the N97, and look how that turned out 😉

    whatleydude Reply:

    Heh, fair points Nick. I did live to regret my N97 endorsement (later opting for the far superior N86), however – first of all, I wrote the post above back in April this year and have since purchased an N8 and it’s everything I expected it to be.

    Secondly, I’m only really recommending the N8 to myself… right? 😉

    Nick Reply:

    Fair enough, I have had a play a couple of times with an N8 and the camera is seriously amazing, but I think I’d struggle to use it day in, day out after Android/iOS.
    But who knows, haven’t had long enough with it to really try and replace those, might try one once the start getting cheap on eBay.

    whatleydude Reply:

    I know what you mean but I guess, at heart, I’m very much the content creator.

    Take a look at this chart and you’ll see what I mean –

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatleydude/5131689366 🙂

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