HTC HD7: First look [Yes, it’s Windows Phone 7]

Well, it’s here. We’ve had it for a good couple of weeks now and it’s a beauty. Of the six Windows Phone 7 devices released this week, the o2 exclusive HTC HD7 is the biggest and best of the bunch.


When the news broke that these devices – this new OS – was on the horizon, many scoffed. But I think TechCrunch said it best when they said, “Did Microsoft bring a gun to a gunfight?

Someone’s stepped up their game and it shows.

The good stuff

  • The UI is clean & smooth and surprisingly refreshing.
  • Contacts sync is a breeze with Windows Live, Google (both Google Apps and Gmail once sync is enabled) and Facebook all covered off.
  • Xbox Live integration… HURRAH! This, for any Xbox owner (myself included) is a MUST and, although you’ve been able to access your gamer stats from Android via a number of apps, this is the first time that gaming on the move adds experience points to your overall profile – win.
  • Did I mention how smooth it is? For me, it’s an ace business solution. Things get done very quickly and very easily – the new advert at least seems to make sense now.

The not so good stuff

  • Battery life isn’t brilliant. While this could be put down to the excessive play-time I’ve had with it, the battery pack itself is no bigger than the one for the Nexus One and the HD7 is considerably bigger
  • No easy account removal. The only way to un-sync your account or remove any of your details is by performing a complete hard reset (hold power + both volume keys). This isn’t great, especially if someone has used it before you.
  • Hardware scratches easily. It’s a minor gripe, but I’ve had the device for just over two weeks now and it’s already heavily chipped. Not cool.
  • The camera isn’t great and although this is no surprise from HTC, I would’ve thought it would show a small improvement at least from earlier hardware
  • No landscape mode in the main menu; annoying given the super-useful kick-stand included as part of the back casing

This is the sync phone. It syncs everything and it does it well. I don’t know where the ranging begins here, it feels like a business phone and it feels like they’re aiming for the blackberry market.

We’ll see. For now, I’m handing the HD7 over to Ben so that he can give his, more enterprise-focused, perspective of the device.

Got a question about the device? Leave it in the comments and Ben will address them in his write-up.

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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “HTC HD7: First look [Yes, it’s Windows Phone 7]”

  1. Interested to hear your thoughts on: Does no tethering matter? Does no removable memory matter? Does no cut&paste matter? Does no multitasking matter?

    I’d think 3 & 4 were hygiene factors for enterprise-class mobiles. and 1 & 2 increasingly so.

    James Whatley Reply:

    1. No tethering would matter if I didn’t have a dongle/tethering device already.
    2. You can be fairly sure that (like copy & paste) official tethering will no doubt come in a future software upgrade.
    3. No removable memory didn’t fuss me.
    4. Multi-tasking also, no bother – not for what I was using it for (email, gaming and web).

    I think you have to be considered in the approach with this one; yes it’s a new OS but it is also in it’s first form – still barely out of the womb. It will grow and the early DNA patterns look promising.

    Easy to pick on it, because it’s little but give it a chance and I reckon it could be a contender.

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