The trek up

Molekskine entry: September 2nd, 2009

Altitude is a small problem. It takes 30-40mins to find your rhythm; breathing, walking, clambering etc… it’s hard. But when we make to the ice, things are easier. Well, I say easier. What I mean is, ‘less hard’ 😉

On thing is for certain, the view is stunning…

The big part of this challenge is being lowered down into a crevasse. Turns out the lowering part is the easy bit.

You can hear the glacier crack and move under your feet, the ground itself isn’t moving but the concerned looks on the faces of our Italian guides gives them away, it’s time to move. By the time we’re on our way back to camp, the clouds have moved in and finding the journey becomes just that little bit more precarious.

Hold hands lads, we don’t want to lose anyone out here…

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