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I’ve been using the iPad for around two months now I guess and, although my thoughts on the device have been percolating since February… I think, at last, some words have finalised themselves in my head;

The iPad is a high-end, luxury disposable device. An oxymoron. Social, yet non-committal.

Social, is the key word here and it’s this, as well as the whole damn anthropology of it all that brings me to our conclusion.

  • The mobile phone; hyper-personal. Unique. Yours.
  • The laptop; still personal, but inclusive. At times, socially unacceptable. Effort.
  • The iPad; social. Open. Socially acceptable.

Flat and, like table top space invaders of old, it just works. Around the home, in the pub or even in the office – the iPad is handed ’round like it’s always just been there.

I like the iPad. It’s a social consumption machine and there really is nothing else like it.



– – – Drawn, written and posted,  from my iPad

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Author: James Whatley

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18 thoughts on “More iPad thoughts”

  1. That’s a good point. Though I think the social-ness from the handing round etc. comes from three things:

    1) The size and solidity – easy to hand round, pass about, and use anywhere.
    2) Battery life, you always use it un-tethered, (to power or data). This enhances 1.
    3) everyone can use it when you pass it to them.

    It’s not the form factor or software per se. I observed a similar thing when I was using the booklet3G – I used it differently to my regular laptop – as it shares the same properties. (3 less so for the general public, but I’m often around very computer-literate folk).

  2. Nice classification, James. What I think odd though, is how the email app jars with that social side of the device. It’s easy to share around but you don’t want everyone else using it too much lest they read your email.

    I’ve just ordered one for my wife and I to use around the house but I reckon the email app will get quickly shifted from the dock, unused as neither of us will enter the other’s email privacy compromised.

  3. Interesting point Martin. You’re right, that does jar. However, if I’m honest, I don’t actually have my mail set up on the iPad at the moment. VC and I both use Gmail’s awesome iPad-optimised web interface instead.


  4. Great post James, I have mixed feeling though, I saw it, played with it and I could not really get the hang of it. Its cool and socially acceptable but I was not overly drawn to it ala my iMac lets say, perhaps I need some quality time with it but I envisioned a bluetooth keyboard and mouse but then again what’s my iMac for, know what I mean. Now I’m converting my Dell 17″ laptop into a mac as well, plus my 32gb iTouch which I’m completely enamored by it and off course my mobile at the time which is a BB 9700 which has a battery that’s like the energizer bunny(running a hybrid OS though optimized) it just keeps on ticking and ticking, so now I’m evaluating my entire mobile setup.

  5. I can’t believe that Apple hasn’t made email a password-controlled app on the iPad. You have to either forego using the iPad email client (which rocks) or forego making your iPad a multi-user device. I chose the former because I want my family to enjoy the iPad that’s on the coffee table, but I sure would like to be able to use it for email.

  6. A little less disposable, a bit more functional- convertible touch-optimised OS netbook: On laptop configuration- personal, but inclusive. At times, socially unacceptable. Effort. Content creation and consumption > Twist the screen to transform it into a slate- Open. Socially acceptable. Content consumption

  7. uhmmm, looks like you were using Adobe Ideas to draw that (becoming one of my fav apps if the iPad is also listening to a longer-than-usual convo).

    Good points though and makes a lot of sense. Now, when do we get to that part of the discussion that says the browser-led life on an iPad is as comfy, if not more so, than the app-led one 😉

    whatleydude Reply:

    Yes indeed, Adobe Ideas… although, emailing the finished work was a pain; I just took a screengrab in the end and uploaded that as is… 🙂

    (and you’re totally spot on by the way – the web app is the only thing I use)

  8. Interesting discussion developing here. To me, the point about the iPad lacking any control over access to email extends to Twitter accounts and even system settings. For the iPad to be truly social you need to enable user accounts and shared spaces. I’m thinking that, much like on Mac OS, you could have multiple users – and their associated mail, Twitter and other settings – each having access to shared content (e.g., photos and music).

    This was my number two gripe with the iPad when I penned some thoughts after just one week with the device:

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