1000heads: Write the future

We just found this awesome piece of content via our new favourite blog, Brandflakes for Breakfast.

The video, put together by Wieden+Kennedy for Nike, is called ‘WRITE THE FUTURE’ and well… it’s brilliant.


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UPDATE: Here’s a great piece of additional insight from Adam Vincenzi

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Author: James Whatley

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2 thoughts on “1000heads: Write the future”

  1. The video is, for me, nothing new. Plus it has to be the easiest brief in the world to do Nike ads to support the World Cup.

    What is incredible is the story they are telling around it (the commentary within the vimeo link). Plenty of opportunities to experience and some clever shit!

    The World Cup is AMAZING.

  2. Vimeo – Vimto, maybe, or Vim. There was a fascinating programme last week on Radio 4 about Izal Medicated hard toilet paper made in Chapeltown, Leeds. Their rival brand was called Bronco.

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