1000heads: Twestival – Cake me up

…before you go go.

Following on from our first forays into Twestival love from just over a year ago. This year we’re helping out again by supplying the cakes for all and sundry that are attending and helping raise money for this year’s cause, Concern.

Thanks to the lovely guys and girls at Crumbs and Doilies we’re bringing along 42 dozen (yes, that’s 504 for the quick-minded of you) vanilla flavoured frosted cupcakes to share with you all.

As I said to Chris Lee for Twestival earlier today:

“We like people, we like talking to people, we like eating cakes with people. Nuff said.”

Alas I don’t have any photos of the three lovely gentlemen who we’re sending along to assist in the giving out of said sumptuous delights so instead you’ll have to settle with this picture of the cakes themselves…

Until tomorrow! 🙂

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Author: James Whatley

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