Stop what you’re doing right now…

…and watch this.

I don’t usually just post videos (not unless there’s a bloody good reason at least), but this video from OK GO is fantastic.

Yes, it’s totally inspired by that Honda advert, however – true to the ‘take-it-and-make-it-better’ generation we all live in – the guys really do build on what’s gone before to make this an utter delight to watch.


Thanks to Matt Singley for the heads-up.

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10 thoughts on “Stop what you’re doing right now…”

  1. Holy shitsticks! This doesn’t *build* on the Honda ad, it drops two F16 loads of napalm on it. Thanks for posting it.


  2. @MsJen I lol’d at least three times and I’m still grinning.

    @Rupert You’re welcome.

    @Stewart The paint at the end is a winner.

    @Terence You can’t say that and *not* link to what you mean!


  3. OK, where’s the cut? And the splice?

    Also, 3M views in 3 days? Holy Guacamole.

    And another thing…lovely tune.

    Maximum awesome points for bringing this to my attention.


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