1000heads: A quick thank you

It’s been a busy week here at 1000heads, and it’s only Tuesday.

After the much-hyped Like Minds conference a couple of weeks ago several of our ‘heads, this one included, have launched themselves into March like it’s a whole new season.

Bounding around the world to different places, meeting new faces and reaching to brand new social spaces… it’s awesome.

Today however, isn’t about what we’ve got to say. Today is about what others have said.

Historically, 1000heads has been a bit bashful in celebrating the lovely things that people say about us and to an extent, we still are.

However, something appeared last week and we’d really like to say thank you.

Step forward The Brand Guardian, you’re up. We want to give a massive thank you to you for your kind, insightful and well-informed 1000heads write-up.

To quote:

“I had never heard of them before, I decided to check them out – and I am glad that I did. As ever, by a simple referral from a friend, I have discovered yet another business who make it THEIR business to help brands communicate with their customers, thereby forging and nurturing relationships with their existing (and potential) clients…

…they have nothing to hide, and aren’t afraid to stand up and say so…

…all I can say is “Big Up 1000Heads” we need to see more businesses put their ethics out there loud and clear to pave the way for a more open, transparent way of working.”

Really lovely, thank you. We’re going to run away now, before we start blushing… 🙂

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Author: James Whatley

Chief Strategy Officer in adland. I got ❤️ for writing, gaming, and figuring stuff out. I'm @whatleydude pretty much everywhere that matters. Nice to meet you x