1000heads: London Fashion Week

While a number of ‘heads are still recovering from a few days out in Austin after this weekend’s SXSW interactive conference, we’re taking a moment to look back at another recent event we attended – London Fashion Week.

Jaeger Autumn Winter at LFW

Photo credit – Swamibu

London Fashion Week – aka LFW – hit The Big Smoke in February and if you weren’t there, it’s the kind of event where it’s OK to wear barbie shoulder pads and underwear as outerwear. But how does this effect us?

Some of you may have seen the drama going on where bloggers are now bliggers and eating all the Danish pastries – all of this is giving our favourite blog-folk a bad name.  Not. Good.

We decided we wanted to big these guys and girls up again so we sent 1000heads’ biggest fashion fan, Camilla Brown, down to LFW ask the attendees a very important question…

And one last thing from Camilla:

“If bloggers were so bad, would the awesome Nat and Jenny be featured in this months Company Magazine?  I think not!”

So come on, who is your favourite fashion blogger, and why?

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2 thoughts on “1000heads: London Fashion Week”

  1. My favourite fashion blog HAS to be whatkatiewore.com – the photographer who takes a picture of his gf's outfit everyday and posts it online. Such a unique and romantic idea and with 7000 hits a day, quite a few other people must appreciate it too.

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