The N900: just a Qik note

Last weekend I visited London’s Natural History Museum (the NHM) to take part in a secret filming mission for a new and yet-to-be-made feature film. With an N86 in one pocket and an N900 in the other I set out, intent on recording the action… as it happened.

As it happened, the shoot was so intense and so quick that I only had time to capture a few photos here and there as well as just a couple of Qik videos before and after. Once on my way to the NHM and once again after my part of the filming was at an end.

The first one, I streamed from my N86. The second, from the N900. Not much difference in quality if I’m honest, but that’s not why I’m here.

Take a look at these two images:

Qik - N86
Qik - N86
Qik - N900
Qik - N900

One of the many great things about Qik is that you can share your location while filming. It would seem that the new N900 version has had a slight upgrade over its N86 counterpart.

From what I can tell, the N86 only pinpoints the location of where you started filming. The N900 however pinpoints you where you start, then tracks you while you move around and then pinpoints you where you stop!

Great stuff.

This might not be a new feature, but it’s certainly a welcome one on the N900. I love geotagging my photos and videos and if we’re now moving into the world of geotracking then I’m a very happy man indeed.

Stavros will be pleased.

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