Windsocks and toilets

“Houston. We have a problem.”

It would seem that the 30-day video marathon that is NaVloPoMo has arrived slap, bang in the middle of the first decent writing stride I’ve had in donkeys.

This is largely in part thanks to the wealth of written content I have hidden away in my new best friend and travelling partner, my moleskine.

Alas, as video cannot be held inside its tender pages, the ‘tales from my moleskine‘ series may have to take a back seat for the time being.

We’ll pick it back up again in December. Promise.

If you’ve missed it all so far and fancy a dive, by all means, just click on the word moleskine and you’ll be magically transported. However, if instead you’d rather stick around and see what ocular treats I have lined up for you today, then please, make yourself comfy… We’re off to Africa.

The date is July 8th, we – the first batch of Lucozade Winners and I – had left Damaraland that morning and boarded our own private Cessna to fly up to a place called Haartmann Valley. From there on in, it’ll be a three hour drive to our next camp. Eesh.

It’s pretty remote, but we’re told it’s paradise.

This short video, put together soon after we arrived, hopefully gives you some kind of insight at just how remote ‘remote’ is when you’re in Africa.

Hat tip to @reyes who duly pointed out the base for this month’s shenanigans.

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Author: James Whatley

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3 thoughts on “Windsocks and toilets”

  1. There’s actually a group that I set up for NaVloPoMo 2 years ago on the NaBloPoMo Ning site:
    Which you can join and invite people to.

    …although some people found it was an imperfect solution for video posting, and we gravitated towards feeds, tags, Twitter and a Vimeo group to aggregate posts last year, so the Ning group has not been used yet for 2009.

    I decided not to try organising where people should congregate and publish this year – I wanted to leave it open to see what people came up with, at the risk of it being an amorphous decentralized mess 🙂
    Michael Verdi has set up a Miro Community for NaVloPoMo at
    where you can submit and publish videos.

    Let me know if you start using the Navlopomo/nablopomo group, or can think of any other good ways of congregating/aggregating

  2. Cheers Rupert. I found the microcommunity late last night after publishing this post and am going to give it a link later on today. I’ve submitted a couple of videos there now and hopefully they should show up later.

    Will think on better ways to commune…

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