I can’t tell you what this is.
I can’t tell you where it is either.
I can’t even tell you where it came from.

What I can tell you is that I was given this piece of footage under the strictest of confidence. Publishable, yes. But that is all.

No further information is allowed to be given.

I can’t wait for it to hit…
It’s going to be stunning.

What do you think?

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Author: James Whatley

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11 thoughts on “Unknown”

  1. Hmmmm… very intriguing. Looks like it might be a giant flower bud that’s going to open up or something. The movement doesn’t look random enough to be wind. Perhaps it’s a massive, inverted metronome?

    When can you say more? Is there a date when it’s going to “hit”?

  2. Great choice of soundtrack there…
    Definitely looks like some sort of inverted pendulum, although it could be an enormous palm frond 🙂

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