My mate, Marmite

How do you feel about Marmite?

Me, I love it. In fact I could eat it with a SPOON.
Obviously, some people hate it. I mean REALLY hate it.

But what if, just imagine, you’d gone through your whole life without ever trying it. Ever.

Well, one morning, out in the middle of Damaraland, that’s exactly what we discovered Manzoor had done.

Something which, of course, we had to rectify…

It wouldn’t be a NaVloPoMo post without tipping you off about someone else’s efforts…
So why not go give one of Benny Crime’s videos a whirl.

You’ll never feel the same again…


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Author: James Whatley

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7 thoughts on “My mate, Marmite”

  1. Love it! Thickly on toast, with cheese on top for a bit of variety.

    When I was at university, there was an Irish girl that had never had it, and only seen me making my ‘thick Marmite’ and cheese sarnies. One day another guy on our floor asked her to make him a cheese and Marmite sandwich… he almost choked!

  2. An Irish girl that had never heard of Marmite? How strange. I love Marmite (spread thinly) although the Irish are bigger fans of Bovril to be honest.

  3. You found me, i don’t how you found me but you found me… RUN FOR IT MARTY.

    I love marmite and also eat spoonfuls of the stuff, used to have a real marmite + bread addiction, had to cut the bread out and just eat it raw. Vegemite is ok too but a little softcore for me.

    I love how you have captured his utter disgust, some neurons in his brain firing up RESIST #€¡¢∞§¶

  4. Brilliant! Coincidentally I tried the very same experiment this morning with a fellow from central Germany. He hated it, too, and as his face changed from intrigued to disgusted I wished I’d been filming it.

    I could eat it with a spoon, myself…

  5. There are LOTS of things in life that I can let other folks enjoy & I can watch, such as:

    1) I don’t need to bungee jump/parachute/hang glide, that is what Erika and Whatley are for. They are very happy to and either tell great stories or capture lovely video to remind me why I won’t we jumping any time soon.

    2) I don’t need to ever go barefoot through a pool of leaches.

    3) I can safely let other folks get the clap.

    4) I can let anyone who wants to eat yeast spread, I will just say no. In fact, I am quite allergic to both Brewer’s and Baker’s yeast and the idea of getting a really bad case of the hives just to try Vegemite or Marmite, no thank you.


  6. hey james thanks for bloggin it… i tried it again i still hate it sorry to those marmite lovers lol da trip was gr8 marmite was awful still stickn to butter

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