Making notes for the future

I’ve never had a formal notebook before.

I’ve always tried to carry a pad of some kind. Some of you may already know of my penchant for writing the occasional blog post in long hand first.

Well, for the ‘Epic Summer of Travel‘ (as I’ve taken to calling it), I’ve decided to take the plunge with my first ever Moleskine.

Taking notes, drawing pictures and collecting keepsakes, this book is now my friend and guide. So If blog posts start appearing over the coming weeks that seem a little out of date, now you know why.

Just thought I’d let you know.


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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “Making notes for the future”

  1. I’ve loved my moleskines over the years, I’m sure you will too.

    Might I suggest a Pilot G2 pen to accompany it, i prefer the 0.7mm over the 0.5, I find it writes more smoothly. They’re comfortable and reliable and, for travelling, I won’t worry too much if I lose it.

    Alternatively, how about a nice fountain pen for that added style. My Waterman expert lives in my bag day to day with whichever note taking setup I’m currently using, either the moleskine or the short stack of 3×5 index cards which I keep for general note taking/lists etc.


  2. it’s the king of all, i’m about to run out of pages in my laser engraved moleskine which is a shame as i love the design and unfortunately you can’t get them any more, apparently engraving into the moleskine directly released toxic gasses or something, but the site does little engraved moleskine coats now – might be useful if you’re in some harsher environments whilst travelling around!

  3. I’ve never had anything so fancy, but I’m all about having the “official notebook.” I find it has presence, commands your focus, and stops your mind wandering all over the place like an over-zealous Tweeter.

    I used to carry a notebook on my morning commute, and did an immense amount of writing. The only problem is that it never made it off the paper and into digital format.

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