James Whatley meets: Richard Mills

Every day I meet new and exciting people.
Every day I come across fresh ideas that force me to look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes.
Every day someone or something challenges my way of thinking so much that I can only sit back and marvel as my imagination is stretched into whole new dimensions.

Last week ladies and gentlemen, I met Richard Mills.

Richard, or ‘Richie’ as he prefers to be known, is an extreme sportsman of the highest caliber. But, unlike any other extreme sportsman I have met before, Richard is a real live Suburban Warrior.

Adrenalin junkies are not new to me; I’ve leapt from planes, thrown myself down mountains and even taken the odd wake-board ramp from time to time… But Richie Mills? This is a man who takes it to the next level.

Filmed at a secret location in West London, the following video takes place on a normal Monday afternoon. Blindfolded en route, Rich explained to me the level of competition that goes into these kinds of events, his love for the sport and then, we arrived…

Remember one thing folks: Richard Mills is a trained professional.

Do not try this at home.


All video shot and filmed on a Nokia N97.
All photos shot and uploaded with a Nokia N95 8GB.

There is a Vimeo version of the video if you’d prefer and also a Flickr Set of all the photos from the day’s activites.

Check it.
Thanks for watching.

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Author: James Whatley

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15 thoughts on “James Whatley meets: Richard Mills”

  1. Ok, so I think Vimeo is playing up so I’ve swapped it out for the YouTube version..

    Should *definitely* be fixed now 🙂

  2. i have the upmost respect for such absolute professionals like Richard, it must takes YEARS and YEARS practicing and training before being able to let it look sooo easy .. respect!!

    😀 fantastic Video James!

  3. Outrageous! And the N97’s video quality is frigging amazing. Got the E75 2 weeks ago (LOVE it) and am waiting to get my hands on the N97 – can’t wait 🙂

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