Los Angeles – – > 9000miles

I’ve been away.

This entry – originally written in long hand at around 32,000ft on April 30th – might explain why things have been quiet of late…

It’s official. I’m on Holiday.

The last time I took any kind of break like this was in the gap between my last job and this one, some 20months ago in fact.
Sitting on this plane mere hours from my destination, eagerly awaiting my arrival, I look forward to days of Sun, sea and sand along with a smattering of sight-seeing & shopping.

The City of Angels is where I’m headed.

Plans ahead, although few in number, are making me smile; Dinner with friends, drinks with others.

Plenty to see, find and do and yet – there’s no urgency around any of it.

There is no rush.
There is no fuss.
There is only L.A.

And I like it.

Here’s to good food, damn good company and here’s to having a bloody nice time!


I’m back now and, as seems to be the norm l whenever I go away, I’ve been catching up with a lot of writing.
Stay tuned.

Whatley out.

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Author: James Whatley

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6 thoughts on “Los Angeles – – > 9000miles”

  1. LA is a great place – we spent first week of our honeymoon in the Beverly Hilton. Hope you got to enjoy some great wine whilst there…

    Blogging in longhand? PC not to hand? Surely you could just have Spinvox’d it!

  2. I bet you loved LA more because of the weather than being on vacations. lol

    whatleydude Reply:

    I wish my friend, but it was all about the break.
    20mths since my last holiday!

    The weather was great yes, but actually being able to kick back and relax? That was the most valuable thing by a long way.

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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