15 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Snooze”

  1. LMAO – Brilliant, love it. Don’t give up your day job!

    You get my email earlier James? Your site was down.

    I guess you broke it singing as there’s no mirror πŸ˜‰


  2. @Kip – Glad you liked, heh.

    @Ewan – Don’t. You/ Dare.

    @Ms Jen – I can make for you if you’d like? πŸ˜‰


    @Micky – I got your email mate, all sorted now – thank you.

    @CT – Why so mean? πŸ™


  3. Mr Whatley…..you have far too much time on your hands!! F’ing hilarious though….nice stand in for Brett with the sock puppet!! Keep em coming!


  4. not only are you a blogger, a reviewer, a phone geek, a friend, and/or foe… but also an entertainer!
    good job james!


  5. Loves it! U make the best Blogs. Love the ones on MIR site too. They’re funny, interesting and helpful when it comes to the mobiles and gadgets!


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