When Saturday Comes

So yesterday, during my epic blog of catchup, I found myself making some kind of outlandish statement that went along the lines of:

The mission from here on in – for now at least, (until I clear my back load), is to try and blog once a day. I need to get this thing moving and the more time that passes the more information I have stored up that I simply have to share…

(plus there’s the small matter of my head *actually* exploding if I don’t get it all out soon)

And that is my promise to you dear and loyal readers.
Watch this space.
One post a day.



At the time, obviously this felt like a fantastic idea and, although this isn’t me backing out already…
I must say that what with today being a Saturday and stuff…

It’s the weekend, innit?

I don’t know about you but I like to rest at the weekend. So, if you don’t mind – I’ll still keep to my guns, ‘One post a day Whatley’ will continue – but all the cool stuff, I mean – the really cool stuff – will come during the working week as it were. Y’know, Monday – Friday. That alright with you?


And with that please excuse while I head back to My Happy Place…

See you tomorrow…
Maybe 😉

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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “When Saturday Comes”

  1. lol! is one post on the blog a day over yet from exhaustion?
    There used to be a real blogathan every year for charties, where you have to blog at least once an hour for 24 hours. you could start whenever you wanted during a weekend each year, but they have not done it for a while 🙁 well since 2007

  2. if I were you, I would lie and say that you are a sabbath-observing jew, and you don’t blog on the “lord’s day”. Very simple. You can get the Anti Defamation League (ADL) to help you out with any flack or backlash you receive because of it 😉

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