Whatley on Wednesday

Last week I received a Nokia N96 on loan from the those lovely folk at Nokia WOM World.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago:

…whenever I do have something mobile-related to say, I use my platform over on Mobile Industry Review (MIR), formerly – and now incorporating – SMS Text News, to get the message out…

So if Mobile is your thing, or if you’re just curious about Nokia’s new flagship handset, why not jump over and read my thoughts

Your comments are as always, very welcome.

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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “Whatley on Wednesday”

  1. I have read it now. hadn’t when I replied here James.

    Well, you certainly hate the n96 with a passion.! Im not getting on too bad with mine, however, I would not buy one.

  2. Hello James, it’s James. Again. The reason way I’m writing this [and i’m not sure where else to post this as it conserns the N96] is because I am due upgrade on Wednesday 3rd June [09] I’m with O2. And, would like to stay with them.
    Now… O2’s range of Phones are… lets say “Crap”. I would really like an “N”. For the iplayer / shozu I’d like to try out and whatever else. They have an N95 & an N96. That’s it. Shocking. No N85 by the way. I have taken notes of all revews of your N95, 96, 85, 86 and I trust in them. Also Dan’s & Ben’s. I like the N95, but it doesn’t have support for memory card. I know it has 8GB but that would very soon run out. So that’s out the window.
    The size of the N96 is an issue here. I’ve played with my mates 96 and the menu is a bit uhhh! She thinks its the best thing ever. But I need your help. Do I? Don’t I?
    Is it really that bad? What would u say the main/important things are? When commiting to this for 17 month.
    [Ooh by the way I will be using it for web browsing like facebook and blogspot]

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