Nokia Open Lab: Join the Community

So here it is – at last – the first part of the presentation I gave in Finland for the first ever Nokia Open Lab.

There are three other parts available to view that I might post, depending on the feedback on this one…

So, what are you waiting for?

Feed back already!


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Author: James Whatley

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6 thoughts on “Nokia Open Lab: Join the Community”

  1. Great video James!! Nice cliff hanger ending, was that on purpose? Completely agree that social media is not a fad and we are simply making it easier for people to utilize in order to share more, but I might be biased. Also intrigued by your use of sticky notes. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Me too, already seen this James. However, just spotted a photo of you at the Symbian Smartphone show, sat at an over crowded table with your laptop, typing/blogging away with an E71 almost falling off the table, and an N95 8GB plugged into your Proporta.!

    Cool stuff James.!

  3. Loved every minute of the first vid mate…… so I had to watch the other 3 as well!

    Some of the points that were raised really gave me some food for thought about how I use my social media, and more importantly how my use differs to many of my friends.

    Watching an (inspirational) presentation such as this, is a complete world apart to the usual ‘death by powerpoint’ which is the benchmark standard these days.

    Great job dude!

  4. @Kara – The ‘Cliffhanger’ was the editing skillz of the Nokia guys. You can watch the rest of it on the links above… Glad you liked though. 🙂 ..and I LOVE using Sticky Notes! Did you not see my presentation for Germany?

    See what I mean?

    @Janne – Awww, I’m sorry you had to watch it again 😉

    @Micky – See above. And yeah, re: the Symbian Pic, maybe I’ll throw that up today, huh? The caption made me laugh a LOT. I sent the whole thing to my team at work.. saying ‘Look! I’m WORKING!’ Heh…

    @Steve – Mate! Great to see you here, thanks for dropping by and thank you massively for watching ALL of the videos! Would love to chew the fat sometime about some of the thoughts it gave you. …and thanks for the compliments man. Really, quite touching. 🙂

  5. James what’s up buddy!. loved the social media presentation. brilliantly performed keeping the audience entertained and informed about what’s going on NOW! and how to go about it.
    i’m glad to be part of the pioneering process of social media, because once the whole world catches up.. i’ll be right up front along with you guys breaking thru that glass of the future.
    i share my media thru youtube, facebok, webshots, photobucket, twiiter.. and a few others i might have missed.
    keep up the good work.


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