I’ve got something to show you…

No really, I have… It’s part one, (if you ignore my random posts from the weekend) of my uber-blogathon attempt to catch up with all my content from the past six weeks…

So, without further ado, here’s the first batch of footage that I’ve managed to throw together…
Hope you like it and, if you make it to the end…

The whole thing rocks in at about 11mins approx and it gets quite geeky in places 😉

…please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

What with this being my first proper attempt at this whole video-blogging malarky and y’know, all feedback is very, very welcome!

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Author: James Whatley

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22 thoughts on “I’ve got something to show you…”

  1. Dude you rock! I actually laughed aloud couple of times during the video…

    Great stuff, but one huge mistake. The newspaper in Klaus K lobby…the one you couldn’t read…it was in Swedish!

    Looking forward to see the rest…;-)

  2. Janne – thanks for dropping by dude. Totally chuffed you watched the whole thing! 🙂
    Re: *That* Newspaper… How was I supposed to know?! Why have Swedish Papers in FINLAND?! Hardly my fault.. 😉

    (but thanks for pulling me up on it – hehehe)

    More to follow soon..

  3. Nice. Especially liked the GypsyBandito part.

    FYI, Finland is a dual language country. The offical Languages are Finnish and Swedish (5% of the population are native Swedish speakers, although it is slightly different from the Swedish spoken in Sweden apparently).
    You might have missed that road signs etc had dual names on them (one Finnish and one Swedish)

  4. James, I did watch the whole thing, including the “go away already” part.
    Yes, we are officially bilingual here (in reality more like trilingual…) But that particular paper was from Sweden. Klaus K is an international hotel…I believe they had also Frankfurten Allgemaine, Financial Times and the likes.

    (Sorry, The Sun and News of the World are not popular in Finland) 🙂

    Where’s part 2? We want asap!

  5. @mike – Glad you liked. 🙂 I’m yet to tell CT he appears in this video, hopefully he’ll find out himself.. 😉 …and dual language?! Jeez… No one tells me ANYTHING! 😉

    @Mike Maddaloni – Thanks for tuning in dude, and where are you in the video? I’ll look out for you… Have you got round to writing anything up yet? I’m so glad I took all this footage.

    @Janne – Part 2 is coming soon. I just need to edit it together. Tomorrow will be the actual opening keynote that I did… But I reckon you figured that one out already.

    @Walt – WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT! Just you wait ’til I get to my Vegas write up! 😉

  6. @whatleydude, I would’ve noticed but I take the weekends away from the internet… seriously, it’s the best tech decision I’ve ever made…

  7. Hey James – Excellent post, I’m looking forward to the rest. I laughed when I saw the ‘sexy’ old phone – that was one of the first phones that we got as a company mobile for our MD.

  8. Great video 🙂 Looking forward to your one tomorrow. I think my mobile phone actually belongs on the “museum” shelf, but I am working on that one. Finland looks great and definitely a fan of the tram.

  9. @CT Moore – Nicely done Sir.. 🙂

    @Glenn – I’ll get on that at once!

    @Andy – Hehe – that was definitely a museum piece – you don’t still have it do you?

    @Terence – I think it was on already, maybe I just jitter too much 😉

    And thanks again to you all for watching the WHOLE thing! 11mins is no short amount of time these days.. Much thanks, 🙂

  10. Brilliant stuff, really looking forward to tomorrow’s vid, so please don’t let us down! I just love how excited you are to be there

  11. James,

    Thanks for giving me several good laughs this afternoon. I love the flipping back and forth between James the sleepy Narrator and then Whatleydude Mobile Man about Town!

    I still stand by my assertion that I don’t like the front keys on the N85, nor that it is a slider.

    smiles, jen ;o)

  12. Absolutely flaming superb James! Nokia House is a sex shop, I have never been myself yet, but plan a visit in 2009. Really enjoyed the video. The first part in Helsinki I watched the day you recorded it, and streamed it, I think, can’t remember now if you used QIK, or whether I watched if shortly after you recorded it. Anyway. Watch the N79, as Rafe made some good points. Its an invisible device, and it shouldn’t be under estimated.

    I watched your video right to the end too, and was half expecting you to surprise us with something, but hey ho, guess we will have to wait a little more.

    Keep up the good work James, your an inspiration to us all, especially Nokia enthusiasts like myself.

  13. Feel free to take your time posting more video. It’ll make me feel better about the fact that it’ll probably be a while, a long while, before I do anything with the video that I shot. 🙂 Thanks!

    BTW, did you get the 360° spin effect by actually spinning around with your camera?

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