23 thoughts on “I do not look like Joshua Jackson”

  1. I must concede that you do look like the late 90s heart throb. So bad ass…and things could be much worse. Maybe you could cameo 😉

  2. My work is almost complete, firstly I get you a better job as a cutie in Fringe (Blogging is a dying industry!) and secondly i’m moving you to a new platform, Leopard, Welcome to the New World Order of Apple inc.

  3. While your coloring (skin & hair) are somewhat close and you both have a short shaggy beard, your nose & eyes & forehead are quite different. Since I know not who this Joshua fellow is, I have no idea if he has a similar build & height.

    I say only 35% similarities.

  4. Thats why you look familiar! Haha as someone above me said, take it as a compliment- he’s still considered a heartthrob!

  5. Ha ha I had a peek at your passport photo in the office a couple of weeks ago and was gobsmacked at the resemblance. Robbie mentioned that you get it alot….

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