The iPhone aka The iBone

Before I hit you up with Part 2 of my Adventures in Soho, a brief comedic interlude:

That up there ^ is my friend’s iPhone, last week after his dog had got hold of it. Ouch.
Cue much laughter, finger pointing and merriment at his expense.
The iPhone’s screen is strong. But it seems it isn’t that strong…

‘Dave’ is a bit upset about this (I’ve changed his name to save him further embarrassment)


Anyway – after snapping that pic I asked ‘Dave’ if I could blog it, “Sure..” he said, “…and I’ll update you too.”


“Yep. Get this…”

Turns out, after the aforementioned mauling, Dave tried to claim on his home contents insurance. Note: ‘Tried’.
He has since discovered that he can’t actually claim ‘accidental damage’ as the dog did it deliberately.

(clearly a Nokia fan then)

After that Dave tried to claim it on his business insurance. Still no dice. Thing is, this policy doesn’t cover ‘phones‘.
It covers PDAs. Dave is trying to claim the iPhone is a PDA –

“…which it is!” Dave tells me…

However, the insurance company have never had a claim for an iPhone before…
(they don’t even know how to spell it look)

…and what with it having the word ‘Phone’ in its name, Dave’s hitting another brick wall.

Double Ouch.

Insurance companies can be tough little beggars at the best of times (trust me – I know) but are they in the right in this instance?

Is the iPhone a PDA? Or is it a Phone?

‘Dave’ sold his dog over the weekend.. and I am really, REALLY not kidding.
He was that upset.

So much for man’s best friend…

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Author: James Whatley

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6 thoughts on “The iPhone aka The iBone”

  1. I broke my iPhone a few days ago as well. Practically no point in trying to get it replaced under insurance, nobody wants to pay for them. Here in the states AT&T refuses to offer the supplemental insurance for those or any other smart phone. Asses.

  2. …he sold the dog? I sympathized at first and I still think that either of his insurance companies should cover the replacement, but not after he got rid of the dog. That’s terrible. All fanboyism aside, it’s just a phone and “Dave” is pathetic for prioritizing a phone over his own pet.

  3. Odd, I used to work for a home insurance company and we’d pay out accidental damage claims for dogs chewing things all the time…

  4. Ha! Hahaha!

    Seriously, funniest thing I’ve read all week. Thank you for this. Totally made my day.

    I don’t blame the dog. I would have busted it up on purpose too. 😛

    Also, what kind of insurance company… ‘Thankyou’ ? Is that… bah. Poor spelling and grammar hurt my feelings.

  5. Ouch is an understatement. This is one time I can get back at a friend who said I would regret keeping buying an ipod touch instead of replacing my LG Verizon with an iPhone. I am pretty sure that a Touch is a PDA (I hope). My condolence to “dave”

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