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This piece first appeared over at the SpinVox Blog in the early hours of this morning. But upon re-reading it this afternoon I figured I’d publish it here too on my VOX as I don’t consider it a just another ad for them but rather a personal recommendation of some of their FREE services.

And anyway, it’s my blog, I’ll post what the hell I like!

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SpinVox For You – YES YOU!cross-posted from The SpinVox Blog

That’s right! You! There! Reading this!

So I was chatting away to one of my peers the other day and I happened to mention I worked for SpinVox and their immediate (and rather dismissal) response was:

Oh, that Voicemail thingy?

And I said:

Well… Yeah.. but NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! As well..

Y’see – Whilst I do agree that one of the killer applications of the SpinVox product is Voicemail… (we’ll come back to this one another time – it really has saved my life on more than one occasion) …there are still SO MANY other ways you can have SpinVox in your life.

Allow me to outline three that I personally use quite regularly…

1) Ok. Let’s start with group text messaging. Know what that is? The ‘one to many’ thing yeah? No? Well look, let me tell you about Blast.

Blast through SpinVox has two cool benefits: First up, (which I think is just damn cool on its own), you can speak a text message. That’s right. SPEAK. A. TEXT. Cool as.
The second benefit is not only can you speak your SMS but you can also set up a predefined list of up to TWENTY recipients. That’s right, Twenty.
That is cool. I honestly had no idea it was that many… (I thought it was like five or something) …I think I’m going to have to review my account definitely.
I only have the numbers of a couple of loved ones in my group at the moment. Maybe I’ll delete them and create a new group of blast buddies: “Pub friends” – yeah, that’ll work. 🙂

2) Next – You’re out and about and you remember – (like me) –

Damn, I must remember to pack that thing for tomorrow

So what do I do? I call my Memo through SpinVox number, leave myself a little reminder message, and then – when I get home – it’s there in my email inbox:

Dude, don’t forget to pack that thing for tomorrow

Cool? Maybe.
Handy? Hell yeah!

Especially if you like to keep notes throughout the day and don’t have time to write anything down.

3) Finally, one of my favourite applications of the SpinVox product: Blog through SpinVox.
Admittedly, something I’m yet to demonstrate on this blog – (we’re currently midway through redesigning the place – I’ll activate voice posting after that goes live) – but I have used it before on my own blog and I’m glad to report it works very well.

You can literally blog from anywhere. Well… anywhere where you can make a phone call anyway… Mount Everest for instance!

Thing is, and this is what makes it a ‘must-have’ instead of a ‘nice to have’:

With Blog through SpinVox the ‘I was’ becomes ‘I am’.

And that, to me, is just SO powerful.

Try it. I dare you.




Early reports say that that ^ reads like a SpinVox ad.

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