Balls to it! (a Whatley rant-a-thon) Part 1: Gizmodo

Hi Guys, when I originally wrote this rant on my (now-defunct) VOX Blog back in January of this year (2008), I posted it in one big massive lump.

This time round, for the ‘re-print’ as it were, I’m going to break it up into easily digestible sections…

I hope that’s cool?
So… Without further a do… Here’s Part 1:


Right – excuse me for a minute – I need to rant

I tried to make this blog more about ‘me’ but that was because I was saving my mobile mutterings for my column over at SMS Text News. Well – that’s fine – but I still have a lot to say on sodding social media tools – so excuse me while I just get a few things off my chest –

…as well as deliver some well-deserved self back slapping because this year, so far, has been friggin’ awesome.

And yesI KNOW I’m yet to write up a whole load of stuff that I’ve been promising for AGES!
Well y’know what? Here’s a summary:

San Francisco was awesome. You should all go. End of.

Social Networks through SpinVox – I made it. It’s mine.
Get it now -You can SPEAK to your Facebook, Dammit!

Mobile Geeks of London III – I’ve lined it up for the end of Feb and will be issuing deets shortly.

Job done.


Right – here are some things that have been pissing me off annoying me (around the web) of late:

1) Gizmodo’s Prank at CES.

This involved going round the event with a gadget that turns off TVs and ….turning off TVs. Which is all well and good and funny the first two or three times. After that it becomes irritating. Annoying in fact. Special sympathies go out to the poor Motorola guy trying to give his presentation while some idiots continually turned off his plasmas. As much I can’t stand Motorola handsets (they are rubbish), no one deserves this.
Not only that – but also apparently some key members of the blogosphere are NOT happy:

Already finding it difficult to gain respectability at these trade events it must be pretty frustrating to find you’d been given a bloody nose by the very people you’d count amongst your peers. I wouldn’t be surprised if CES bans bloggers next year… Which would be a huge shame.

Anyway – the backlash against Gizmodo is already happening apparently – I’m just adding to it.. so let’s see what the outcome is…

They have apologised.. but whether that counts for anything now remains to be seen.

Cont in Part 2

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