So much to blog…

..and yet so little time!

I’ve got SO MUCH to write about… stuff like:

  • Going to the FOWAs and all the awesomeness that came with that.
  • Meeting one of my all time industry heroes, Jyri Engestrom of Jaiku, (so stoked!).
  • Then there’s the launch of Mippin (which was the last thing I worked on before I left Refresh Mobile)… Gotta hand it to ’em – they’ve done a great job.
  • But before that I need to mention my first ever proper podcast interview thingy!
    Download it HERE care of Ricky Cadden of Symbian-Guru.
  • Of course I need to spend some time talking about the next Mobile Geeks of London event:
    Mobile Geeks of London II – which is gonna ROCK!

even though I can’t make it – BECAUSE:

I’m of to San Francisco on Tuesday! Wooo!

Off to not only go to CTIA but to also launch some SUPER exciting stuff with my new employer SpinVox.
Anyone who’s been following my Tweets, Jaikus and Facebook updates will probably have a jolly good idea as to what I’m working on – but all will be revealed next week!

So… all of that and probably a whole lot more.. coming VERY soon!


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