N93i vs N95 – Camera

Afternoon all.

As previously mentioned I went to a lovely wedding at the weekend and took along my WOM provided N93i (as well as my own N95) to take some shots.
I used both phones throughout but, as I was having such a lovely day, I only really remembered to double up my photos occasionally. Um…


I was at a wedding you know!

Anyway – I’ve finally gone through all my pics (sorted by ‘Camera Model’ – did not know I could do that!) and found the comparison shots…

First batch: My friends

(who insisted on swapping places between photos!)

Can you tell the difference?
This second set was of the converted barn where the reception was held…

Anyone care to guess which photos came from which phone?
To make it fair on the N93i – I reduced the N95’s settings to 3 megapixels…

What do you think?
All opinions welcomed.

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Author: James Whatley

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